Friday, May 7, 2010


To join the suit you need to do the following.

I will need your full names, addresses, email and phone numbers. NOTHING WILL BE MADE PUBLIC.

Create a spread sheet with months as rows and years are columns as such:

Go and get all your previous billings and enter the consumption on the bill into each cell for each end month and year for the bill. Enter the actual consumption, not the one they adjust for line loss. This will allow you to see how the consumption changed after the smart meter went in.

Second, I recommend taking daily readings to see what happens on a daily basis, you will be surprised at how much it fluctuates even though nothing changes in your use of devices.

Third, I will be preparing a database for everyone who wishes to add their data. This will allow me to check everyone and get a trend and specific readings. I will need that file in a text format in the following manner:

Year, Month, kWh.
2009, 12, 3400
2010, 01, 3200

Each item separated by a tab or comma. You can do this easily in notepad. If you don't know how to do this you can just send me the above spreadsheet and I can database from that. Email me the file.

This data is essential for the suit, it's the evidence.

I know some of you are really hurting. I can't promise anything to relieve your pain, except to keep the faith.

We are right, they are wrong, that's the end of the story.

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  1. cool! Thanks for taking the initiative. I am on board & will keep you posted.


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