Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Once we get historical consumption from as many of you as possible, and H1 tries to claim it's the weather causing the great upsurge in readings, I will be able to show otherwise.

On another bog I present Canadian Surface Temperatures for all of Canada as I have downloaded just about all of the 1300 stations across Canada from Environment Canada's website. So I will be able to show both temperature ranges for every year of data, and precipitation data. So there is no way they will be able to bamboozle us with that excuse.

The general trend since 1900 for Southern Ontario (actually for all of Canada too) is 1/3 less days above 30C, 1/2 fewer days below -20C, and the growing season is longer by 30 days today than in the 1930's. So the over all trend is cooler summers, and not as cold winters. The 1920s and 1930's had very hot summers, very cold winters, and a shorter growing season. But not today, since the 1900's the temperature ranges, the extreme end of the yearly range, has been narrowing to more moderated temperatures.

That's the "global warming" the entire environment policies of this province are based on.


  1. well I know there are companys out there that are selling windmills and solar panels. One is called penner farm equipment on highway 7 east of elginfield. Go buy one and quit whining. When the power is out and the meat in your freezer is going bad you dont complain when workers work through the night to get your power back. good luck with this

  2. Windmill's are obviously not the answer, they only provide temporary employment to otherwise unemployed ex-HydroOne workers. Speaking of which that is exactly what needs to happen, removing any HydroOne worker that wont work at night on regular pay, if you don't like it do something else and by the way...stop the whining. Consider yourself luckly you have a job, if I was in the the hotseat your wages would be slashed by a 1/3.

  3. "Go buy one and quit whining. "

    Sure, go ahead and find out. I did. To get 20% of your power from solar would cost some $30,000. You need enough panels to not only power your home during the day, but to recharge the batteries for the non-sunny days. This means you need at least 3 to 4 TIMES as many panels as needed to power you home. You need enough batteries to power your home for at least 3 days, that means for 20% of your need you need some 300-400 batteries, which last 6-8 years, and cost $350 each.

    Now, the question has to be asked, why would you even comment like this. You think it is OK for Hydro One to rip people off? Would YOU like to see $500 a month hydro bills due to meters that are wrong?

    I don't get your logic.


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