Saturday, May 8, 2010


I was sent an interesting email by someone who wishes to not be made public because of the predatory nature of the people who work and run Hydro One. This is not his own words, but mine based on his email, but the information here in is, in his words, "God's truth".

This individual is very much in favour of everyone having their own ability to monitor their consumption to keep Hydro One honest, "I would no more be without an energy monitoring system in my home than I would be without electrical energy itself." he said. I fully agree and included that in the settlement demands.

But he notes that Hydro One does not want anyone to have that ability, for obvious reasons. Paul Marchant (CEO of Hydro One) we live in a DEMOCRACY. Do you understand that? We have the RIGHT to make sure you are honest. You have NO RIGHT from preventing anyone from monitoring their energy consumption.

Seems that Hydro One is now so powerful (what happens in a monopoly) that they dictate policy to government, not the other way around. That must change.

To get a feel for the arrogance and power drunkenness of Hydro One, we are recommended to watch: "Gospel of Green" that aired nationally on the CBC's 5th Estate: (I will post a separate reply to this video, there are out right lies in it (AGW) and a stark very real problem (peak oil)).

An example of the growing internal power of Hydro One is in the creation of the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA). The "authority" part fits the goal. Apparently, the are trying to require EVERY electrical device to be registered with them, even though such devices have already passed UL and CSA approvals, for a fee, not just once, but EVERY YEAR! You will pay for that in Ontario with higher prices on anything electrical. Thus, any device that is sellable in the rest of Canada, won't be available in Ontario if not approved, and paid to, ESA, and that includes electrical monitoring devices.

As this person stated: "The ESA does not have to do anything for this money, just collect it for nothing. It will amount to hundreds of millions of dollars to feed yet another immoral empire of Hydro. With the ESA, they have an endless amount of money to continue to expand their ruthless empire in the name of safety which is just mostly propaganda. They are a ruthless government onto themselves as they pass new laws, dream up new ways to collect money, and hire more retired police officers to engage in prosecutions. "

But there is more, appearantly on the Ontario Power Authority, a Hydro One empire company, web site they make the announcement that the series meter configuration they have allowed under the FIT Program is outside the law (inaccurate) and Measurement Canada have instructed the OPA to do something about it. This is a huge embarrassment for the OPA because they all but publicly admit they allowed the series meter connection for reasons of convenience for contractors and local distribution companies. (Eg; Hydro One) To hell with accuracy!!! This is proof that these guys have been caught with their pants down by Measurement Canada.

Clearly Hydro One, the government's Ontario Energy Board, are nothing more than empires who do look at customers, the people of Ontario, as nothing more than cannon fodder and a source of their own revenue. This must end.

Energy is for all the people. Electrical power is too important, it is vital for our civilization, to be left in the hands of power crazy dictators.


  1. I received the letter from Hydro on June 7 with the announcement that my new system was applied to my location start with May 1. I called Hydro to ask for any system to monitor myself the energy consumption and I find out "they" do not have anything at this moment and also "they" do not have anything in plan to give us any kind of monitoring system. On my opinion this is "Licenses to charge money" without any control.In the reality is a increase on hydro cost without control. I do not see how this situation could be fix.

  2. Ontario's hydro situation is pathetic and appears to be unfixable. Solar panels keep geeting cheaper and cheaper (they are down to a buck a watt). The mc guinty liberals are doing the exact opposite proposing to spend $88 billion despite the fact that solar is getting very affordable and will only continue to do so. $88 billion that we will pay off forever will make the banks rich and shows no leadership ability. The only solution I see is to vote with your dollar as per usual - that's all they listen to and go off grid with cheap solar panels. Remember they only cost a buck a watt - remember this when you get your bill with $75 in fees and taxes slapped on top of it - that could have been a 75w solar panel - and you only need so many to go off grid and get FREE electricity from the sun. I like FREE alot better than disrespectful time of use, billion dollar "smart" meters and excessive taxation. Get rid of this consortium of broken garbage. Hint hint: look at what Germany is doing.

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