Sunday, May 9, 2010

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AP Exclusive: `Smart' Meters Have Security Holes
AP Exclusive: `Smart' meters plagued with serious security holes that threaten power grid
The Associated Press
Post a Comment By JORDAN ROBERTSON AP Technology Writer

Calif. Utility Giant Under Fire For 'Smart Meters'
ROBIN HINDERY, Associated Press Writer

POSTED: Monday, April 26, 2010

Smart meters not-so-smart idea for residential users?
By: Nestor E Arellano On: 03 Oct 2006 For: IT World Canada
The Ontario government may be right on schedule with its goal to hook up 800,000 homes with so-called smart meters, but a local consumer advocacy group doubts if the device will be practical for residential users.

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  1. Thanks for taking up this fight Richard. I definately don't trust the Smart Meters or H1. This organisation is a dinosaur, 1000's upon 1000's of employees earning over $100K and the list is growing exponentially every year. Rampant nepotism, in my street alone there is a family of H1 workers, the father got his whole family jobs at the place in various capacities.
    My heating bills are approaching $600/mth in mid winter and when the increase comes into effect I'll be on the verge of not being able to afford to heat my home, I'll add that I also use wood as much as possible.
    McGuinty should step in and do something about the HST on heating, at least for elderly folks who I know will be battling to pay for their heating.
    I've had enough with the Smart Meter and will install a high end energy monitoring system which has an accuracy of +-2%. If I find any large discrepency I will be joining your class action.

    Ideally I want McGuinty to look into the wages and number of staff employed by this tax$$ sucking hog of an organisation. How dare they be allowed to suck us dry of our last spare few $$, bunch of ass holes. Notice the fellow at the top is one of the highest money earners in the provence.. they all treat it like their own little piggy bank.
    Lets hope all the pissed off tax payers find this site and form a unified front against this tax$$ sucking hog.

  2. great job ,good for you!first 4 bills this year were way above normal.called hydro one & spoke to a "senior cust.rep".explained that nothing had changed @ my house in the last 2 yrs,so why the high bills?was told that's what we used.replied that "nothing's changed".as conversation continued was asked 8 times what did i want them to do!!was told to hire an electrician to check my wiring (????)
    very frustrated & hung up,but this is not over!!!! am checking & recording from my meter every day & will be calling hydro one "much more" in the near future!!


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