Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Five days ago, May 13, I got a call from Hydro One saying that a reporter in Guelph was investigating my claims of meter problems and wanted to get my consumption records from H1. They called because they wanted to send me a "release form" for me to sign to allow H1 to give this reporter my records.

I thought this bizzar, why wouldn't the reporter just call or email me first? So I said no, just forward the reporter my phone number.

I thought this call very bizzar. So I waited, 5 days now and no call.

Was this some sort of attempt to get me to sign some release to stop the suit? Would not put it past them.

Wouldn't matter, I'm working on a strategy plan for the suit. Will make it known later once we start the process.

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  1. Just starting to get into this blog, actually appears you are right,once thru, will certainly jump on the band wagon with you.



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