Friday, September 3, 2010

New Ontario Wind Performance Blog

There is so much one can do with exposing the pathetic nature of wind that I'm going to start either a blog or website. Blogger is not so great with graphics as you have noticed, displaying tables in HTML format here is bizzar and a pain in the butt. So I may be leaning to a website.

So stay tuned, may take a month or two to get the analysis and pages ready.

Vitally important that consumers of power know the truth about these "sustainable" power sources.

Oh, and a curious thing. The IESO website has the hourly data in xml format available on line for downloading of all production from all sources, except solar. There is no available data that I can find on the output from all these FIT programs. I suspect that solar is even worse for power production than wind (certainly on today's cloudy day).


  1. Hi Richard,

    Looking forward to seeing that new website. The H1ripoff and the Wind Power ripoff do each deserve their own websites.

    Thanks for caring.

  2. Hi everybody, I think that the smart meter is a ()*?)(*&%&?$&?%$#&%$#@#$?%#&?%$*&?%(*&?)(*& joke and the board of directors and administration of HI, Ontario all think that the average citizen is oblivious to what they have to pay but.....I have to say ..."wake up people before it is too late" It has come to a point where we should do a collective law suit against the previous CEOS who pocketed so much money that I wouldn't know what to do with ...if I compare to my salary of about $13,000.00 / year. They where the ones responsible for the high rates of us younger generations who had nothing to do with retirements and miscalculations of corporate greedy lions. I am not proud of our country who is full with citizens who are easy going and take the abuse all the time. (Left right and center that is!!!!) It is time for us to say something about all this abuse not just hydro rates and over charge ( which is produced here and sold for way less in the states!!!!!) Not to mention the price of cars, gas, electronics and I can go on and on and on for asa long as this blog permits me to list t=items or things.. us Canadians are paying way too too too much for!!!!We need to set up our own regulatory association to monitor and verify everything from hydro to gas to a simply tube of toothpaste (not to mention the dental hourly fees when you have major problems with your teeth!!!! or pharmaceutical co. overcharging for meds that cost right next to nothing to produce .... I could go on and on and on but the H1 debate I have all for it. They say they evaluate the usage and price it according to the previous year !!! Well one year not long ago I had 3 teens in my house and the year after 2 out of 3 left to live with their other parents ( divorce/ reconstructed family ) it was more ... 2 years after ... smart meter came in and it was even more than before with less people in the house. I don't understand that even with hikes of prices and taxes... without the equivalent hikes in our salaries... how can the government let it go up so much I want a revolution and something done regarding this issue and we should all write to our MP's over and over again to make sure we are eared and that we will not and cannot take this abuse anymore. Thank you

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