Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Excerpts from recent newspapers

The Ontario NDP are sending this around.

"A great big light bulb seems to have turned on in the brain of Premier Dalton
McGuinty this week. Finally, he's realized what countless Ontarians already
knew: The so-called "smart" hydro meters introduced by his government look far
less intelligent today than when they were first proposed many months, and $1
billion in spending, ago. And you could even say the whole scheme was
short-circuited by the Liberals themselves."

Waterloo Record, September 16

"Premier Dalton McGuinty, having launched Ontario on a billion-dollar smart
meter experiment, now admits the electricity pricing scheme that's supposed to
make it all work, isn't. Terrific! Now he tells us. Couldn't his experts have
figured this out before he started installing smart meters all over the

Ottawa Sun, September 19

"McGuinty's promise to encourage more off-peak use with even lower off-peak
prices apparently comes with a catch. Asked the next day if that meant peak
power prices would have to be even higher in order to even out the equation in
favour of the government's need for debt-reducing revenue, he refused to say."

Thunder Bay Chronicle Journal, September 17

"I am exhausted from being up all day caring for three small children, and being
up most of the night doing my laundry, vacuuming and making as many meals as
possible because I have a "dumb" meter. These dumb meters and time shifting are
nothing more or less than discriminatory, punishing and time-rigged to be
difficult, exhausting and the most expensive when you need to use your hydro the

Letter to the Editor, Hamilton Spectator, September 20

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