Monday, September 27, 2010


Every year the IESO publishes a report called "Ontario Reliability Outlook" which summarizes what is going on in the system. This is the 2009 report

It's worth the read. But something caught my eye. Page 15, the caption beside the plugged in car:

Owners of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles can take advantage of lower
electricity prices by charging at night to use in the morning, or selling the
electricity back into the grid to take advantage of higher daytime peak prices.

Whoa, just a minute, stop right there, hold the horses. Does anyone see a problem with this? Someone can get a huge bank of batteries, charge them at night at the low rate, and then sell it back to the grid during the peak price time. And the IESO doesn't see a problem with that?!

Two things. First, the person doing this makes money for doing nothing, which you pay for. Second, those who do this are wasting energy. The power they store won't be the power they return. In fact, the loss could be so high that selling back at the peak price won't cover the costs of storage at the low price. Either way, the fact remains, it's a net power consumer!!

Is stupidity the criteria for getting a job at the IESO?

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