Thursday, September 16, 2010

CTV Lead Story: H1 admits to problems with the smart meters

Hi Mr. Wakefield,

I just thought I'd pass along my congratulations at finally being vindicated by Ontario Hydro (or whatever they call themselves). CTV news had a lead story at lunchtime about OH finally admitting that there was a problem with the smart meters--specifically that they can have inaccurate readings. The readings tend to be higher than the actual hydro used. According to the story, OH told the government, in a letter, last year that there was a problem with the meters. Now OH is saying that the government should slow down on implementation. At least until OH can get the problem fixed. It may also mean a by-hand recalculation of hydro bills.

Should be interesting.


  1. Would love to see a link to this since I haven't heard this in other media (newspaper, radio, TV, CTV website, etc)

  2. This is still happening. I am a GM dealer who just received a bill last month for $18,000.00. Hydro said they would look into bill and just pay what we would normally pay per month which is around $2000.00


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