Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Only in a Third World socialist/communist/dictatorial government are people forced to change their habits to what the government and special interest groups have planned.

Only in a Third World socialist/communist/dictatorial government are essentials for life rationed to the point of everyone being poor and dependant on government.

This is the road we are on, make no mistake about it.

There are eco-environmental groups and NGO's who want us to live like we did in the Middle Ages. (except them the elites of course). These people, who are successfully lobbying government and have infiltrated key positions in government, are anti-individualism, anti-democracy, anti-freedom, and anti-modern civilization. Their goal is to kill Western Civilization and our way of life. Return us to poverty of the Middle Ages.

Their efforts to force "conservation" of energy, their efforts for force "renewables" on to us, their efforts for make energy priced out of ability to pay is not what a modern society is about. If we need more power, BUILD MORE RELIABLE PLANTS!

China just signed a 25 year agreement for coal from Russia to power their country. They aren't worried about "global warming" because they know it is a Western obsession, not a real threat. They know that a modern society is built on plentiful cheap reliable power. They aren't stupid!

Yet we have people here who are stupid. People who have control over government policies. People who feel they need to be righteous by "saving the planet", and to hell with the fate of everyone else. Individuals in their mind have no value.

Everyone needs to stand up and stop this from proceeding further. Hell, even the Castro brothers now admit communism doesn't work.

"You can't fix stupid, but you can vote it out."

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