Monday, November 8, 2010

That sound you hear is AGW drowning...

The Green Energy Act is based on the notion that the planet is heating up because of CO2 emissions from fossil fuels. It was presented as fact by the IPCC to world governments, who then started to invoke policy to reduce those emissions. Those policies have turned out to be economically disastrous, as we are now experiencing.

Behind the scenes, however, there is a growing movement in the scientific community against AGW theory. Recently a climate scientist has taken on the establishment. Scientific American even ran a story on her this month claiming she is a "heretic". SA then did an on line poll that blew up in their face. 87% of respondents chose that the IPCC is corrupted. 76% chose that AGW is false.

That scientist is Judith Curry. She has started a blog,, and the articles are great. I'm of course in there making comments as much as I can. What is the most significant part of the dialog in the comments are the supporters of AGW trying to shut her up. It isn't working, they are losing the battle big time.

The sands have shifted. AGW is not happening, never was, all that is happening in the climate and weather is normal variation. It's time for the other two political parties to denounce AGW.

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