Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Email sent to me, likely saw my link in the Star article:


I'm so frustrated right now its not even funny. In July I got a staggering Hydro bill of 1898.00. I called they said they didnt read my meter for the past year( oh how nice, so they cut the meter reader jobs out but still our prices go up), so they make a payment arrangment with me and I agree, what else can I do> so then after that my next bill comes in at 780.00, then 880, then 750.


my bills last year were 220.00.

SO I just keep plugging along frustrated beyond anything( my poor husband and kids, putting up with this mood I can't seem to get out of)So bottom line, I'm ready to crack. Today they send me in the mail a letter stateing that they will be charging me on my next bill a 1625.00 security deposit because " I dont have a good payment history!!!!%$#%$ how does one have a good payment history when you owe 4200.00, oh ya now it 5825???

Tell me when the protests start and I will be there. Let's get them people, It's time we Canadians stand up for our rights.


  1. How can we stop this!!!!!! this is insane and we need to do something about it, but who is listening? is hydro ottawa going to do something that will benefit us? it's so frustrating, and how can we get more powerful than they are, if they say you gotta pay, you gotta pay. This is incredible.

  2. This is awful! We had the same experience but not to the $$ extent that you're going through. Did you file a complaint with the energy board? I can't remember their name but my husband did and hydro called us and worked out a payment plan. Our bill was an end of year thing that said we owed close to $800. We got the bill Nov 1 with a due date of Nov 15. Who has $800 just laying around!
    Anyway, I sure hope something gets done for you. Email the premier (we did), file a complaint with the energy board and get your smart meter checked. Something is wrong for sure!!

  3. It's 5:00 pm. The "Smartmeter" has just switched to "on peak" hours. I'm sitting in the dark, the laptop running on battery power, the electric heat has been turned off and the hot water tank is off till after 9. I'm cold, tired and hungry. Don't really want to cook dinner...using the stove is pricey during "on peak". Looks like it will be a cold dinner, in a cold house. My 12 year old is in her room under the covers reading by an energy efficient bulb. Guess she'll be eating a cold dinner too...She'll have to wait till morning to take a shower as the tank only goes back on after she is already in bed for the night...
    Who's really saving during time of use? Come on Hydro One charging the highest rates when Ontario families need power the most??? SINFUL!!!

  4. My bill, $1160 for Jan to Feb. $595 electrical usage, balance of $565 in delivery, debt retirement, $140 hst. Does this seem right? In Quebec, .05cents for first 30kw, then .08 cents.
    We have become slaves to a utility that is essential, a lifeline to most of us, to companies, to hospitals, to schools. The mighty power, the gov't, has lost its humanity, Traded it in for the mighty dollar. Probably saying "if they can't pay, let them freeze to death". Ontario's Marie Antoinette's "let them eat cake"
    May have to move out of province. Ontario is getting to be way too expensive to live, and may be getting worse if this premier has her way.


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