Sunday, November 21, 2010


Again I am forced to get political, but Layton's comments recently need to be exposed.

You have all seen his commercials about the high costs of energy, and demanding that the government take the HST off of heating bills.

You also saw him fuming the other day because the Canadian Senate Conservatives killed his private members bill on the environment.

And there in lies his hypocrisy.

The day his bill was killed he appeared on CTV's Power Play. He explained that the bill he presented was to cut CO2 emissions by 80% by 2050. When the show's host asked him if that would increase people's costs for energy, he firmly agreed it would, by a lot.

So, excuse me Jack. How the hell can you stand on TV and be so concerned about people's energy bills that need to come down but your own environment bill would radically increase the costs of energy!!!

Don't be fooled by the NDP, their goal is to introduce a carbon tax on everything to "save the planet" from runaway global warming. That quest will increase your energy bills, is why your energy bills are forcing everyone into energy poverty, and forcing wealth creating jobs to leave province.

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