Wednesday, November 17, 2010

And the Liberal Bribes Begin, with your own monie.

Liberals to cut hydro bills by 10 per cent

Note the comments, no one is buying this.


  1. So Duguid thinks that the meters were faulty. My calculations are not based on the type of meter installed. My calcs are on the billed Kwh. For a comparitive amount of Kwh last year to this year, my cost has risen almost 50 dollars.
    I have been on TOU for 3 months now. I have driven 70% of my Kwh into the cheap seats. But...that portion of my bill is only 40% of the total cost. It's the other 60% that is the problem. 3 years ago it was the opposite. 60% of the bill was electricty, and 40% were the other costs.
    McGuinty and Duguid must figure that nobody else is capable of math

  2. Well, I'll take any amount of my own money back they'll give me, but I am still full throttle enraged about this Hydro situation.

    I want investigation into the accuracy of these stupid metres. I predict that some day there will be written some big admission that stupid metres were faulty - easily thrown off, not accurate. They are not accurate, they can't be, there are too many stories of ordinary people, like me and my family, who are getting shocking bills for shocking usage that just can't be possible.

    We've been 'prepaying' our bill...paying some every two weeks between bills...this recent bill we found we actually gave them $80 more than required...we paid out $600...our previous bills were for approx. $650 and $700.

    I am so very resentful too about the TOU...because I loathe someone directing my life as to when I can do my laundry. I'm home all day most days and I can easily toss laundry in any time through a day and get it out of the way...but I don't do this any longer since stupid metres came along...I have to wait until the weekends...I cannot do laundry after nine at night because I'm afraid I'm just too tired by about eleven, when it's all still drying and I have to fold ridiculous this all is.

    It has to change drastically...back to normal.

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