Monday, November 8, 2010

Politics and energy

As noted before, I'm trying my best to keep a political bent out of this blog. What counts is what is going on. But that will become more difficult as the next election nears. Thus, I will be posting items that may come from the PC's or the NDP. That does not in any way mean I'm endorsing one or the other here, nor does it mean I'm attempting to sway anyone to vote one way or the other. It will be easy for people to get confused being desparate about their bills. I will do my best to present the facts and allow you to make your own informed descission.

This letter was sent to one of the group from the NDP:


from Ezia Cervoni , Leader's Corresondance Officer, NDP Andrea Horwath

Dear Ms. Harrison,

Thank you for your email to Andrea Horwath, Leader, Ontario's NDP expressing your views on Smart Meters.

A Toronto Hydro study looked at ten thousand households in Toronto that have been billed using so-called smart meters since 2009. The study confirmed that after a year of operation:

• On average 80 percent of households have been paying higher rates than before smart meters were installed and there has been little if any shift in household energy consumption.
• In one billing period – from June to September, 2009 – ninety-two per cent of households paid more.
• On average, households seeing an increase were paying anywhere from 2 to 7 per cent more.
• These increases are separate from the added cost to households for the cost of the smart meter itself. Across Ontario, consumers will be paying $1.25 – $4.45 a month for decades to recover these costs.

The McGuinty Liberals have spent billions on a scheme that leaves people paying more and leaves Ontario falling behind in our conservation goals.

I’ve included, in the body of this email, a recent press release by Andrea on smart meters for your information.

Again, thank you for your email.

Ezia Cervoni
Leader's Correspondence Officer

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