Tuesday, June 22, 2010


That is correct. All totalled all charges means you are paying 15.4C/kWh, not 5.7, not 6.8 as shown on your bill. But including ALL charges that is what you are actually paying for power.

The graphs here are from my friend's as he has bills back to the beginning of 2004, though he is missing records for 2007 which he is trying to track down those bills. That missing data doesn't affect these rate changes.

Here is how that has increased, some 44%, since 2004:

This is the delivery rate, up 37%:

Regulatory rate has been constant since its introduction in Oct 2004 at 0.69C/kWh until March of 2009 when it started to go up. It's now up 10% since that time.

Including the four rates together:

This graph shows the change in delivery as a percent of consumption rates. Notice the drop in 2004, then leveled off until this year, where it started back up to 100% of the consumption rate.

This is the percent increase in the delivery rate for each year:

In 2005 that rate dropped 7%, but in the following years it increased 5-6% until this year where it is already up 12%.

Of course this all increases 8% starting July, so your effective rate costs on your bill for what you actually consume is going to 16.7C/kWh.

And as far as the Government and NGOs are concerned this is not high enough. Thanks Ontario Liberals.

Oh, and with all those increases H1 is still losing money. What's not right with this picture?

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