Wednesday, June 2, 2010


A friend cut out the article you wrote regarding "how one man beat Hydro One into submission" and I read it with great interest and of course all my stress has returned. It is so my story as well. We had a Smart Meter installed in November last year...and I have been marking down my daily usage. At the end of January, my installments to date vs my actual billings to date had a very minimal difference on it...but I was concerned by the daily usage so i called in February asking for someone to check my smart meter (not live as of yet, and i was running on estimates only- they stopped reading my meter after living here 6 1/2 years). My meter reading was nowhere near what they were estimating it at.

They refused to check my meter out - saying the estimates were running lower probably- and they have me down at being in around 3,000 mark. My meter was nowhere near that, and was at about 11,000. They wrote that number down and issued me a huge bill in February followed by a reconciliation bill in March. Total owings $1700 . They told me i would be able to do a payment arrangement -dispite my not agreeing with things - and could only do 30 days in advance for an arrangement. Pay what i can and call back at the end of 30 days. They gave me a hard time, and didn't want to do anymore arrangements, but after pleading - i am now extended to June 24th. again, dispite me disputing the meter being callibrated right. They refuse to accept that anything could be wrong with the equipment.

My usage has NEVER been that high and last winter was barely cold enough to warrant anything more being used. I went into the winter with new windows and doors, and barely use my electric baseboard heaters. They kept telling me my usage was on track from previous years, but they were looking at billings up to January i am sure.

I have borrowed from Paul to pay Peter as much as i can here...and have already had a Deposit issued with Hydro One (They are holding $800 of my money) and won't release it to my amounts owing. I have consistantly paid month after month something to them . Last year, i had a reconciliation that was not nearly as high, but with a security deposit , it put me past due with them and have been since. They are now saying that is against me.

But...i still don't believe my usage. My average usage was 30-60kw per day even last December 2008. According to them, this year, it was over 150. I do not have a grow-op either... - and all new appliances. I worked days over those months along with my husband. noone home in the day and only home at night.

ironically, when i called in Feb - my usage seemed to have 'dropped' magically. But then again, we had some mild weather also. I saw it rising a bit again- and then drop again but nowhere near the usage they claimed i used. According to the breakdown, at 11,000 kw usage - read digitally...over Nov, Dec, January, that is saying that this 1500 sqft home with a family of 4 (one level home) - used almost 3,000 kw per month. That is outrageous and NOT the case. They REFUSED to come look at my meter's callibrations. and no way they are wrong .

The reason I am writing you is that maybe you could pass my email on to your contact you wrote about. Maybe he could get in touch with me and help me or guide me in fighting this. Google results show I am clearly not the only one, and with your article going to print, I might have a way to recover these expenses that were possibly not correct. I felt i had nowhere to turn and had to just pay it and accept it even if it was wrong.

There should be a class action suit against Hydro One if it has happened to others.
PLEASE pass my info along or guide me with any contacts that are out there to help me. My hyrdo bill still has $900 owing on it - and i only have until June 24th to pay it - they are refusing to extend it any further. I was layed off work last year for 3 months and have fallen behind in everything...but am making a valid effort to pay what i owe and getting back on track slowly - and this hydro bill did not help my situation in any way.

Thank you for taking the time if you've read this far.


I am intersted in looking into joining this suit! I have been having issues with bills that are 1200 at least a bill! Nothinghas changed in my 1200sq ft home in a few years! When I have contacted Hydro they do nothing. Say pay the bill or to bad! I have requested to have my smart meter which is gen 1 replaced with a gen 2 as I have heard this can bean issue. They refuse to replace it. I have asked them to look into the hydro to see if I am being tapped into in wich they responded. That's my job to do then prove it to them. I have asked them to send out a tech. It has now been three weeks and they have not come! I am on maternity leave so I would know if they have been here!I have now listed my house on the market due to this issue. I can not keep pulling out all this money! I have no problem paying for hydro I actually use but this is insase my bills last year were at least 100kwh. Lower than they are claiming now. I to have been asked when calling in if I have a grow opt! It is disturbing!I'm at my breaking point money wise and mentaly! I'm not getting anywhere and am due to be disconected this week. I don't know what else to do! If you could shead some light or advice would be god sent about now!


I am writing to you on behalf of my brother, David Seddon, who is in the midst of a hydro nightmare and I am hoping you can help him. To give you a brief profile, my brother lived with my mother for many years after my father passed away to help her out. About a year ago we finally had to put my mother in a home and began the daunting task of selling her home. At this time my brother was able to by himself mobile home which he new would be perfect for him as it would serve his needs with not a lot of upkeep. This is where his nightmare begins as he started receiving very large bills of over 400 dollars a month which is outragious for a single man with the only source of heat being a wood stove. Not only that he has been receiving bills from 2 different meters. He has called hydro one many times and they keep brushing him off and he is afraid they will cut his power off.

My brother was told about your web site from a friend and since he cannot afford a computer at this time he asked me to write you.


    August 29 2012 a representitive of Hydro One came to my home to inform me that my "SMART" meter was melfuntioning and they have not received a transition from it since June 29, 2011.. they than replaced it with a new meter. I received a bill in the mail dated Sept 6,2012 for the amount 668.43 for the period of June 29 2011-October 24,2011 than I received another bill dated Spetember 10,2012 for the period Oct 24-April 24 2012 for the amount of 1851.92...Im sure you can see my concern..I was apparently way over the estimate billing they were sending if you were to divide these payment by the 10 months you would get 234 roughly and my estimated bills were around 300 so Im using over 500 of hydro a month in a house that is no larger than 35by65 feet???? questions right?? how is this possible when Im not even home during PEAK HOURS

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