Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Stay tuned, we have something very interesting coming in the days ahead. Remember my friend who, once the smart meter was tested went back to normal consumption readings? Not any more. His readings over the past 2 months were in the 18-30kWh daily consumption. Last Sunday? 106!!! Yesterday more than 50, and nothing was on that would consume that much. No laundry done, no AC on. I'm putting my monitor back on his place later today and follow for the next few days.

Oh, and he was double billed for one month. I'll be posting on that later too.

REMINDER. I know it takes a few weeks to get the data from H1, but please get your numbers to me ASAP, we cannot proceed without that evidence. I'm still waiting for mine.


  1. "I know it takes a few weeks to get the data from H1"

    Can you explain what data you are refering too and what you can use it for?


  2. The monthly consumption numbers for as far back as possible. As noted in the two posts on other's consumption I can graphically show the dramatic upswing and anamalous readings of the smart meters compared to previous. This is then evidence once the suit starts.

  3. I have all my bills back to 2003, could I use the consumption data from those bills? Some months are going to be estimates, others actual readings.

  4. HELP..I received a hydro bill for 2536.00 the resoning behind this bill is my "smart" meter was not functining properly and failed to transmit information than once they relaced the old meter they used the information stored inside the "faulty"one and said thats what i owed..weird or what..Im not sure if this is legal..


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