Thursday, June 17, 2010


Here is my friend's daily consumption readings he takes every morning.

Notice the huge jump of 106 on June 13th. Nothing unusual, no laundry done that day, no vacuuming, the pool pump was on starting June 9th, which is on a timer. Even the day he ran his well pump to top up the pool wasn't that high. So what's up with that?

He called H1. "Oh, we don't take daily readings" they said. That is a lie because I'm just around the corner from him and I got my daily readings back to Nov 2009.

I've put my monitor back on at his place, I suspect it will read the same now.

This is why it is important to take daily readings of your meter.

Shocker on the way. My friend's billings go back many years. I'm entering all the data, consumption, transmission, regulatory charges, etc, to give you an over all graph of how these have increased over time.

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  1. Hello, I have two horror stories and an incident following that I must share.

    1. I installed a heat pump 2 years ago, and about a over a year ago, my heat pump failed , and I ended using my woodstove for heat. My normal energy consumption to that point, measured on a Smart Meter was between 13 ans 16 KWH per day. When I received my bill for that period I was shocked to see and average 177 KWH per day. Hydro blamed me, even suggesting that the unit was using more power even though the compressor never started.
    2. I had my electricity disconnected 5 days into my new billing period to lift the house. When I received the bill for that period, it showed an average usage of 19 KWH per day, which actually means I was using 114 KWH per day.

    Further to this, because of my inability to pay outrageous bills on time I have now been charged a $1250 security deposit which must be paid in one month's time. I have arranged to pay $800, but I am tired of being harrassed and bullied.


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