Thursday, June 10, 2010

Class Action Lawsuit Launched for Ontario

by Peter Jackson Bayshore Broadcasting
A group of farmers in Midwestern Ontario is turning to the courts in an effort to stop wind turbine development in Central Huron.

But the lawsuit could grow to include residents from across the province.

A proposed class-action lawsuit seeks damages from TTD Wind Project, Twenty-Two Degree Energy Corporation and individuals who put up wind turbines on their properties.

Lawyer Patrick Murphy of the Goderich firm Donnelly and Murphy has been hired to launch the proposed action. Murphy admits the lawsuit could take years to get to court.

Murphy says his firm will advertise for anyone affected by wind turbines so a class of individuals can be developed. He says only then can he go to court to apply for certification that his clients are affected by the turbines. Murphy says there is the potential for the action to become widespread around the province of Ontario.

Murphy says once certification by the Court is achieved the action would become province-wide and not restricted to just Central Huron.

Murphy says his clients take issue with the companies and individuals on several fronts. He says health concerns top the list including sleep deprivation from wind turbine vibration which can lead to depression.

Murphy says his clients also cite a drop in property values and the loss of enjoyment of their properties. Last week, the province’s Chief Medical Officer, Doctor Arlene King said that while there are irritants linked to wind turbines, there’s not enough medical evidence to label them a health hazard.

For information on how to join this class action lawsuit, contact Patrick Murphy:


  1. Hydro One is a Crown Corporation wholly owned by the Government of Ontario. Hydro One itself is a private company however 100% of it's shares are owned by the Government of Ontario. The whole thing sucks! Bob Rae is a Director at Hydro One and a close relative on Dalton McGinty is an executive there. Go after your local politicians and let as many people as you can know that it is the Ontario Government who are FULLY RESPONSIBLE for the rip off of consumers. Many of us will start to be noticed

  2. Hydro One has been over charging only SOME Ontario Residents. How can this possibly be legal. Further, how the hell do they get away with charging so much for delivery! I use 50$ of electricity and it cost $72 to deliver it? I live in a condo apartment. Should it not cost $72 to get to the building - NOT EVERY UNIT in it! Smart meters, time of day - even more discrimination. I've been paying more for being at home disabled in Ontario thanks to McGuinty and the Energy Board allowing this disparity between the different providers of electric utilities. Especially in rural Ontario, this is criminal. Beyond contempt THE ONTARIO GOVERNMENT and HYDRO ONE MUST BE BROUGHT UP ON CHARGES. TORONTO HYDRO IS STILL NOT CHARGING THEM. I'VE BEEN PAYING FOR IT FOR YEARS. OTTAWA HYDRO JUST STARTED. ACCORDING TO HYDRO ONE - THE ONLY PLACE IN ONTARIO YOU CAN LIVE AND NOT BE AFFECTED IS - TORONTO. FROM THEIR MOUTHS TO MY EARS IN MAY 2011. WHAT DID I GET FOR CALLING THEM CRIMINALS - I'LL TELL YOU AND I CAN PROVIDE PROOF. THEY CHARGED ME ONLY FOR OFF-PEAK BILLING. FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 4 YEARS. THEY ARE ADMITTING IT'S WRONG - GET OFF YOUR BUTTS AND DO SOMETHING!!!

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  7. l;m with Just Engery but Hydro One still charges me all peek hour times since last Oct call hydro One to be told they are fixing it but its been going on now for 3 month Come One Hydro One Sucks and some who answer calls are just down right RUDE

  8. Hell with hydro One. All I need from them is a sinusoid... rest is a piece of cake

  9. Is anything happening with the law suit we have a page going also

  10. where do I go to join a lawsuit or if there is one for the unreal hydro bills I have received in the past from the new smart meters that were installed. It is for a small house with 2 of us living here for the amount of 14000 but they lowered it to 1400 for one month. we are located in northwestern Ontario, paid the bill in installments. These bills came for 3 months staright. I am retired and on a pension, someone please help...

  11. In 2015 my cottage invoice from Hydro was overestimated by 1600 % followed by harassment letters, phone calls, blackmail, finally power was disconnected . I consider this as a criminal act. power at a cottage is still disconnected till to day. Other letter from collection was received today. In 2013 Hydro crew damaged my property by driving truck recklessly and uprooted mature tree on my property. Driver ignored to report damage and run a way from it.
    I consider this as a criminal offence, My complain was once again ignored. This company is run by common criminals, with no decency and respect for customers.


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