Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It’s Time for Dalton McGuinty to Come Clean on Hydro Costs

From Ontario PC's:

An Ontario Energy Board (OEB) letter, dated September 17, 2010, confirms that the McGuinty Government has done an analysis on how much electricity bills are going up but won’t disclose it to the public.

The letter states: “a preliminary analysis and forecast of electricity costs” has been conducted by the OEB, and yet “the Board does not intend to release this work publicly at the current time.”

The Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters say Ontario families can expect to pay an extra $732 on their hydro bills. It’s time for Dalton McGuinty to come clean on the costs of his failed energy experiments, and release the OEB’s forecast so families know how much their bills are going to go up.

“This letter shows Dalton McGuinty knows exactly how his energy experiments, sweetheart deals and tax grabs are driving up the hydro bills of hard-working Ontario families. It’s no wonder he’s keeping those numbers a secret.”
-- Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak

“It’s time for Dalton McGuinty to come clean on the costs of his energy experiments, release the OEB’s forecast on electricity costs and start telling Ontario families the truth.”
-- Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak

· According to the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters, the cost of these Liberal energy schemes, taxes and fees – such as the HST and Samsung deal – will add an additional $732 a year to family hydro bills by 2015.

· During an August 26 technical conference, Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters asked if the OEB had conducted any forward-looking bill analysis. An OEB staff member wrongly replied: “no”, which prompted the September 17 letter to “correct the response given on August 26.”

· A September 17 OEB letter (Board File Number EB-2010-0008) provided no reasons for withholding OEB electricity cost forecasts from the people of Ontario.

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  1. Richard , everytime I read your site I get more scared about my hydro prices and how high my bill is going to be. I use very little hydro and have installed a wood stove instead of hydro heaters but it seems the more I conserve and try not to use hydro the higher my bill gets. I too am scared to open my hydro bill every month.


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