Friday, October 15, 2010


That is correct. I've proven it:

$800 million in your hydrobills went to power Ohio.

The ramifications of this is enormous. The eco-nut cases want Ontario to go green. McGuinty is claiming wind and solar will make Ontario number one in green power. Except not one megawatt is being used here. It's all either sent to the US for free, or they are paying the US to take if off our hands.

I first checked to see if coal was being throttled back when the wind blows. Nope, I saw no evidence of this in the data. Then I checked to see if natural gas was being fired up when the wind was not blowing. That's the claim that they need more NG plants. Again, I saw no evidence at all that NG was being powered up when the wind is not blowing. I then checked hydro and "other" sources. No correlation at all when the wind spikes in output.

There was only one place left to look for where wind power was being sent. And that was to compare it to the difference in the Total Demand and Ontario Demand. This difference is exported to the US. And there is was. Spike for spike. Every time wind spiked up, so did the exported power. There is no mistake in this. The correlation between wind and the export is 95%.

Expect this revelation to go ballistic.

I suspect the Liberals know this. It may have even been a reason for Smitherman to bail the Liberal ship. The ramifications of this are huge. This should cost Duguid his portfolio. He needs to resign over this. And the Liberals need to be thrown out of office for it.

Oh, and no more wind development, the Samsung deal needs to be ripped up as it was based on a fraud. No more solar FIT approvals. Thus charade must stop now!

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