Sunday, October 10, 2010


You have heard this over and over. Green energy creates jobs. Well, no it doesn't. This is just another lie to get the public to swallow the bitter pill of "renewable" energy. Not only does the green sector not have a net increase in jobs, but in fact the more green jobs created the less wealth creation there is. It is wealth creation that drives this economy.

It's simple to understand once explained, but the green lobby groups either do not understand this, or they do and are deliberately hiding what green jobs do to the economy because deep down these people want to destroy this "evil" Western Industrialization (and so far they are doing a good job of this).

Wealth is created by private enterprise building items that people purchase. There are costs to making, delivering, and retailing those items. Costs incurred to create wealth is like a leach, or a number of leaches. The bigger the leach, the more it costs business to generate wealth. Energy is one of those leaches (costs) of doing business.

There are a number of leaches that suck on wealth creation. Labour is one. Taxes another. Services is another, and even food is a leach (as food is just a medium for energy transfer to people so they can work). Energy costs, including electricity, is also one of those leaches. The more leaches that drain wealth creation, and the bigger those leaches are contribute to lost wealth creation making our economy poorer.

Electrical generation does not on its own create wealth. It allows private enterprise to create wealth, but power generation is not a creation of wealth. It can't because it is not a tangable item one can own. The more the costs of power increases, the bigger the wealth leach becomes. This includes those green jobs. The more green jobs there are the bigger the leach is sucking on wealth creation.

The bigger the leach is on wealth creation, the less incentive there is for private business to create that wealth. All of society runs on the ability of business to create wealth. Nothing runs without it. Less wealth creation means less taxes for governments, which means less monies for health care, education, road repairs, etc. Less wealth creation means fewer people making a middle class wage, which means less people buying items, killing wealth creation even more. This feeds on itself pushing the economy further into recession with the end result of economic collapse.

The former USSR finally realized this, and even Cuba is now realizing it as they shed millions of government jobs. One hold out from that failed era is North Korea. And we know how advanced they are, not.

Spain is now feeling the pinch because of this as this report showed that for every green job created, 2.2 jobs were lost in the private sector. For every job lost in the private sector is a reduction of wealth generation. It's then no surprise that Spain makes up one of the biggest indebted nations. One of the PIIGS countries (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Spain) with a very high risk of default. See this but do so sitting down.

So don't get fooled by the econ-nutcases claiming that green jobs are good for the economy. It is the exact opposite. Green jobs are a leach on the economy. Just as much as government jobs are a leach (paid through the higher taxation leach). But expect the eco-nutcases to rant and scream trying to defend this premise that green jobs are good for the economy. Remember that their goal is to return humanity to a lifestyle of hunter/gatherers (that's no joke).


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