Sunday, October 24, 2010

From the "What can they be thinking" Department

...or what is their true motives.

Seems the McGuinty Liberals have directed the Ontario Energy Board to require all regulated natural gas and electricity utilities to set aside 0.12% of their revenues for the purpose of subsidizing energy bills of low income Ontarians. This to be recovered from other's energy bills.

You will be paying even more for energy as a social program to transfer wealth from the middle class to the poor in the province hit by the "energy poverty" as they are now experiencing in the UK. A poverty of the government's making.

And this just may be the beginning.

It makes one wonder what the motives are here. Is this government, influenced by eco-freaks deliberately trying to destroy this civilization? It certainly looks that way. The only other option is they are stupid people running the show. I highly doubt those in power right now are that stupid. We have people in political and influential power whose purpose is to dismantle the middle class, capitalism and democracy.

I've tried my best to stay away from politics in this blog because high energy costs affect everyone regardless of your position on the political scale. But it is becoming harder and harder to separate the two. From my extensive experience dealing with people of the political left that they have one united goal -- end capitalism and establish an unelected single world government.

Make no mistake about this. From the founding of the IPCC by Maurice Strong (who has been quite outspoken about killing capitalism at any costs), to the current UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon's desire to implement "global governance", to the eco-nutcases running various NGOs around the world who wish us to return to a hunter/gathering lifestyle (and a correspondingly 99% cull in human numbers). These people are hell bent on labeling everyone living as a threat to the planet, and acting to fix that.

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  1. Richard,

    As soon as I heard about the agenda to remove the federal tax for the elderly/lower income folks it struck me instantly that that too is simply a transfer of wealth. There is no other reason to do it that way.

    At least we have one less player in the ring now that Smitherman is gone (for now).



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