Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Why Ontarians aren't saving money with smart meters

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  1. I'm at the low end of the consumption scale using 200 kwh per month. This costs me $40 total which means my overall cost per kwh is 20 cents.

    As an experiment I did my cooking etc off peak which amounted to a 20% shift to off peak (overall monthly total usage the same) and calculated my cost per kwh. It worked out to 20 cents per kwh! The exact same cost as before despite the fact I shifted to off peak. The bill from one month was identical to the other.

    What a complete waste of my time. Quite the little shell game they have figured out. As one writer pointed out - they can write off all the grid upgrades that they are charging us for against their taxes. What a complete scam. Zero savings for switching to peak usage for me. Anyway way you slice it it's still bs. 2kw array of solar panels going up next week! That will cover all my needs.

  2. On top of not saving money with smart meters, they're looking to charge us even more money for them: http://www.smi-ieso.ca/node/2327

    I've been hearing about all the wonderful information we are supposed to get from smart meters but I can't even see it as the Hydro One portal hasn't worked properly for quite some time. If I'm lucky I get in once every 20 attempts. If we can't trust them to run a simple website, how can we expect them to handle our smart meter data correctly!


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