Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cost of green energy 40% higher than government estimates: new study

TORONTO — Ontario residents could end up paying some of the highest costs for electricity in the developing world because providing wind and solar energy will cost about 40 per cent more than government estimates, according to a new study.

Ratepayers should expect their electricity bills to rise by 65 per cent by 2015 and 141 per cent by 2030 — substantially more than current government predictions of 46 per cent and 100 per cent, the study found.

The average residential user’s annual bill, which currently stands at $1,700, will exceed $2,800 by 2015 and be over $4,100 by 2030, it predicts.



  1. I have no idea how anyone can live - we thought things were bad - it appears it going to get much worse. We can only hope that the Lord comes take all his faithful and leaves the wicked and rotten behind to rot in HELL!

  2. My verdict is on the TIME OF USE SMART METERS in ontario: NO SAVINGS FOR OFF PEAK USAGE

    In response to TOU I immediately installed solar panels and a battery bank so I could boycott them and transfer 80% of my usage to off peak hours. It's time to test their claims of savings by switching to OFF PEAK.

    I did this over the course of the past 12 months and analyzed the average cost per kilowatt hour (total bill/total KWH used). They said I would save by switching to off peak. If this were the case then the average cost per kilowatt hour would go down as I moved most of my usage to off peak.

    Guess what? The average cost per KWH remained the same on every bill for the last 12 months - no matter what I did or when I did it - even on the one with 80% OFF PEAK usage.

    This means there was no savings by switching to OFF PEAK for me. Check your bills to verify your own situation.

    It seems FALSE AND MISLEADING to tell people they are going to save by switching to OFF PEAK in my opinion when I specifically did what they asked and saved nothing.

    I am joining the BOYCOTT ONTARIO HYDRO movement. Voting didn't work? Boycotting does.

  3. Yep me too - just installed all LED lighting - uses 5 times less energy than CFL. This is a permanent change my family has made to boycott ontario hydro.

    FYI CFL's have bad power factor - an 11 watt bulb really uses 18 watts. Great misadvertising campaign though - no one knows this. Bust out the kill-a-watts the war is on.

    NOV.1ST 2011: 3% RATE INCREASE? I am using 20% less in response. Everytime there is an increase my family makes a decrease in our usage. Think its a joke? Endgame = OFF GRID

    Tell the ONTARIO HYDRO PENSION PLAN (aka the debt reduction charge on your bill) to WWW.FLICKOFF.ORG

    Just by switching to LED I estimate I will save 16-32 KWH a month. This will actually pay for itself and its easy to run off grid.


  4. The government has again ripped off the public with the smart meters, you're scared to death the plug anything in and you're scared to death to use anything with electric at night is sit and watch TV in the dark, you get up at 4 o'clock in the morning to do your laundry, two adults living in one house one month the bill is $145 the next month it's $170 That is a $25 difference. When you going to stop cheating the people. you Hydro people can live high on the hog with high wages people with minimum wages are struggling to pay this Hydro bill, I hope you gave yourself a raise I guess you need one when you're putting these Graf's together. When people save on Hydro, you still is still raise our Hydro to suit your big income, I myself use nothing but battery whenever I can. Where do you get off making people put up solar panels, and there's never any savings anywhere ever, when is the pension debit going to be taken off our bill, pension debit started what 10 years ago people who you are stealing from do not have good pension like you do they only can find part-time work with no benefits, no pension, in 1990 there was five people living in my house, our Hydro bill was $58 every three months, you Ceo's come along way in your wages. I hope God is watching you, and I hope you enjoy your wages and pensions and benefits paid, because we will not be able to. You are saving on no meter readers, I guess that's pocket change for you people.

  5. I was not aware that the cost of green energy is 40% higher than the government estimates. This is really surprising, keep updating in future.

    Professional Power Project

  6. Hydro One claims it is going to use a portion of the proceeds generated by the sale of hydro one to pay down their debt. When organizations refer to debt, people tend to not question the debt or where the debt came from. The term 'debt' is so over used that people tend to switch off questioning.
    Hydro one claims they have a massive debt. Has anyone looked at the numbers regarding the money generated from homes and businesses in Ontario per year?
    The rough estimates are as follows:
    At an average yearly cost to homes in Ontario, it is estimated that in 2013, we spend about $1700.00. Due to 'green energy' costs like wind and solar, the estimated costs to each home in Ontario is about $2800.00 per year.
    Let's look st what amount that generates per year for hydro one....
    At $1700.00 per home X 4,887,510 private homes in Ontario = $8,308,767,000.00 per year. Factoring in all the businesses in Ontario (389,116) approximately, the amount of money hydro one generates, per year is staggering.
    If we look at the costs associated at $2800.00 per year the number, of just private homes becomes$13,685,000,000.00 per year, not including the amount generated by almost 400,000 business operating in Ontario. Now add to this monumental amount, the amount of money generated by municipal and provincial infrastructure, schools, hospitals etc etc, the amount of money generated by hydro one per year is almost beyond measure.
    Their dams must be made of diamonds and their vehicles and offices must truly be lined in gold, their employees must be millionaires and their power stations and hydro lines must be hand carved out of ivory.
    Yet they mention they have a staggering debt. So they are going to go public with hydro one today in order to pay down some of their 'debt'.
    I for one believe the numbers do not add up. Something must be done to call them to account for every penny spent and every penny pried out of the hands of hard working ontarians. This has to stop!!!!
    Now that the majority of the company will be in the hands of the private sector and private corporations...the future is bleak indeed. Good luck everyone in the inevitable revolt!!!!!!!

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