Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Hey, wasn't this election supposed to be about power rates?  WTF is going on Tim?????


  1. Perhaps because Tim Hudak knows full well that hydro rates are going to go up no matter who is in power. Any talk by him of lowering rates for hard working family is vote pandering bullshit.

    Our Ontario electricity mess is the direct result of the tories and their rate freezes back in the 90s that killed all investments in new capacity and grid maintanance/upgrades. Would you invest money in an industry that is legally mandated to not make enough money to cover its costs. Dalton may introduce a lot of taxes but in my opinion he's only cleaning up the mess that got left behind when he came into power.

    I am typically conservative but Tim Hudak methodology is dangerous. Dont vote for him unless you want another Mike Harris legacy. Every top official in the energy industry would agree with me.

  2. First,let's get some facts right. Mike Harris SAVED this province. He introduces austerity measures to bring the province back to triple A credit rating from Bob Rae's disaster. What he did was mild compared to what Greece is being forced to do.

    Second,what underlying fundemental reason MUST there be for rates to increase? You WANT the ecomomy to collapse? Just yesterday an economist was complaining that energy costs are keeping the economy from growing.

    You want everyone to be in fuel poverty like in the UK?

  3. 1)Grid is decades overdue for upgrades at a cost of billions of tax dollars
    2)Stranded debt that needs to be paid back at a cost of billions of tax dollars
    3)Nuclear refurbishment costs from old nuclear capacity at a cost of billions of tax dollars
    4)Increased capacity required at a cost of billions of tax dollars
    5)Increased bureaucracy thanks to the tories and their deregulation of Ontario hydro.

    There are a few of the fundamental reasons.

    Green energy represent a very small increase in power bills (1-2%)


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