Thursday, April 29, 2010

We are monitoring you!

I posted about my friend Dave, his 3500kJ bill for Feb, Jan and Dec. He had a Hydro One employee come and check his place out and check the meter. He pulled the meter and put in a detection device that checks the calibration. Came in at 100%, meaning nothing wrong. Put the meter back and since then Dave's daily consumption has been between 20 and 30kJ per day (compared to my 40-80).

The other day Dave gets a phone call from Hydro One. They noted his considerable drop in consumption, and stated clearly that he is being monitored for theft. He told them that a technician came and tested the meter. They claimed no such person existed and no record of the visit. It must have been a "rogue employee".

Right, rogue employee in a rogue Hydro Ont truck who put a rogue security band back on the meter.

Look out people, fix this problem and they will monitor you!

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    "rouge employee in a rouge Hydro Ont truck"

    you mean rogue, right?



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