Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Class action suit

I have approached a well known law firm about suing Hydro One (at least) in a class action suit. If I, and anyone else, can get enough evidence together they are interested in pursuing this.

If we can get this going it could be the largest lawsuit in Ontario's history. Do the math. Assuming for every 1000 people who got over charged $100 for one month, that's $100,000 for one month. Multiply that by the percent more than $100 (mine was $300 more for Feb alone) times 12, times how many over 1000 people affected, and this could be in the hundreds of millions.

If you want to join in the class action please contact me at


  1. Richard, I have already sent you an email privately. I too have gotten a wack of a bill for my reconciliation in March. In January...i was almost par based on their estimates. Their estimates stated 3,000 usage - whatever increments, and my meter showed 11,000 . They were out by almost 9,000 units. I am a small family- with a small house, and they blamed my electric baseboard heaters and refused to come out and check out my meter. I documented every day of usage. When i called in concerned in February - they told me my meter was right. And my usage was up to where it has been - but i think they were basing that on BEFORE they made their "correction" to my readings. It magically fixed itself or within reason for usage after my call to them. Yet I have not gone live with my meter yet???? baffled, stressed and given only 30 day extensions - on my last one to pay down my huge bill or i face disconnection and ANOTHER security deposit.

  2. I tried emailing Richard, but for some reason the email address was wrong. Here's my story:
    We had our smart metre installed last fall (2009). The technician read the metre when he removed it, and we paid an actual bill that month. We paid estimate bills for the following few months as no one came to "read" our metre, then much to our surprise in February we received a whopping bill for $1744.93! (This after making regular payments all fall and being at a zero balance in January!) When I called, Hydro One said that was an actual reading, that the technician must have read our old metre wrong, and unfortunately because the old metre was discarded there was no way to verify what was actually correct.
    They "kindly" went back over past usage and estimated a new bill that was more in line with what we've paid previous years.
    Our actual bill for July this year was $397, and we're not even on time of use billing yet.
    There is something fishy going on at Hydro One. If anyone knows how to actually get in touch with someone filing suit, please post.
    -Brockville, Ontario

  3. Somebody should do something! Hydro one is completely out of control. Delivery Charge? Storage Charge? Debt Retirement Charge? Now my last bill has a new additional charge,,, Global Adjustment Charge??? I used $261.00 worth of Hydro but, my... bill is over $650.00 with additional charges! Now correct me if I'm wrong but, when I go into Canadian Tire or The Source, They don't charge me for storage or delivery or debt retirement or rent! These are the costs of doing business. Why is Hydro One getting away with this abuse of the people of Ontario? Hydro One Basic Laborers running around bragging about making $100.000.00 a year? I implore anyone to watch them. They start work at 7am but by 8am they're all in restaurants having a full breakfast while vehicles are running out side, all at our expense! Hydro workers from here go somewhere else, workers from somewhere else coming here and staying in rooms and living high of the hog on our dime. It makes me sick! I bust my ass to try and get ahead and save a bit of money for home improvements, but then my hydro bill comes and I have to start all over again. I pack a lunch and go to work; I don’t start work then go sit in a restaurant and have breakfast, lunch and dinner while the work vehicle sits idling out in the parking lot. What additional charges will be fabricated next?
    Pissed Off in Ontario

  4. Apparently it takes alot more money to produce hydro than what we are charged. I am told that the goverment has always subsidised the hydro charges in order that we all have hydro. in europe they have tiny fridges and keep most things in the basement that will not go bad as fast. We will eventually have to learn to live in a more consevative fashion to meet the demands of hydro. it sucks but I guess thats how the ball bounces.

  5. In my case, when I needed to upgrade my power supply to my workshop I was told by a Hydro site inspector that the cheapest way to do this was to put an extra meter on my shop.
    Then when delivery charges were put in place I now pay TWO delivery charges despite the fact that only one line enters my property and I own that line.
    When I contacted Hydro One about it they said to change it to one meter at my house then continue to the shop and I would only pay one charge, what reasoning goes behind this? I am being ripped off, I want my money back!

  6. Maybe when the weather warms up everyone should e-mail as many people as possible and thousands of us would stop paying our hydro bills for the summer/fall and invest in a generator and yes I know that would make life a little inconvenient for us but if protest against them and for long enough, then perhaps this could hurt them, I am not sure that a lawsuit is going to fix this, we have to take action before it goes too far, we can't leave it to the government they are in on it and don't care at all, same with the cost of gasoline, do something before it is too late!!!!!!!!!

  7. When I called to complain about the unusually high reading on my last bill, I suggested there was something wrong with the meter.
    Without a beat, the person I spoke to assured me there was nothing wrong with the meter and that I "should go and check the reading myself". The bill claimed an actual usage showing "more than double" the "estimated" usage, and FOUR times the actual usage showed in november.
    According to the person I spoke to this was pretty much our normal usage.
    This person also suggested that it was a cold winter (not) and asked if we heated with electricity. Well, we don't.
    I can't wait 'til the phones will be answered by a machine and then we won't have anyone to complain to.
    I think there's something wrong, too. I feel ripped off!

    Hmmm. The power went out sometime this morning...

  8. We own a home that used to be apartments so we have two meters for our single family home.
    The month after they installed our "smart" meters, our bills doubled, we called Hydro One and complained, they assured us there is no problems with our meters and they must have underestimated last time, however for 9 years the bills were roughly the same each month. ONE month after the smart meters were installed it DOUBLED?
    So we were late paying our extremely high bills, due to being late they threatened disconnection, we paid up as much as we could, they didn't disconnect. But they did slap on two $500 security deposits (one of each meter). That brought our bill up and too high to pay again, so they threatened disconnection again, so we made a payment as we had arranged. They came yesterday and disconnected one of our meters.
    We have 5 kids, one of them a baby. My husband is self employed, our hydro bills are nearly double our mortgage payment.
    Today we have no heat, no hot water, no stove and no fridge.
    All because of Hydro One's policy of requiring HUGE security deposits based on the late payment of faulty meters, billing and inflated costs.
    I'm sick of this bs. We are a hard working family. If this continues we will be forced to shut down our hydro and purchase a propane generator and try to find a woodstove to heat our home or sell and move in with our in laws. Unbelievable that Hydro One can get away with this.
    De-regulating hydro is the dumbest thing the Ontario Government has ever done.

  9. Can hydro one or Toronto hydro force me to put in a smart meter if it is in my house.... do they have the right to enter my home. They sent me a letter stating they will put in an external meter and charge me for it if i refuse to put a smart meter in. Is this a fascist country now? Can I sue them. I always pay my bills...
    Waht can I do??????

    1. try the ombudsman they already have many complaints

  10. I too have a small family, there is actually only two of us. Since they put the smart meter in our bills have at least doubled, if not more! Our hot water tank went and we were with out hot water for a month and a half, yet there was no difference on the hydro bill??? I think they are scam artist, soon nobody is going to be able to afford hydro!! And what happens to our security deposit we put down?

  11. Smart meters are not as smart as they say. Meters are not communicating properly and guess what they are estimating the time of use consumption. No one knows any different because they have nothing to check. They have some data and they are estimating some data too. We are all being ripped off.

    1. As an employee of a utility. You are absolutely correct. As employees we have to do what we are told. Management makes a large sum of money plus they receive a bonus each year and the customer pays.

  12. August 12 I pay my bill of $205. I notice that the last 2 bills were estimates so I call & they confirm that the meter is not transmitting and they replace it the next day. I just received a bill for $500 because they informed me that they extracted data back to May stating I've underpaid. How 'bout that!! A faulty meter gets yanked off my house, and is then used to bill me retroactively.
    I've had enough

  13. $46 for consumption over a 3 month period and $167 for delivery charges to my cottage. Highway robbery!!!

  14. We are new cottage owners and received our first quarterly bill from Hydro One. I was shocked and disturbed to find that the bill for consumption was $49.00 but delivery was $180.00. I will be looking into renewable energy alternative asap. Our cottage is seasonal so I am a bit apprehensive to see what the amounts will be over the winter. We do have the power shut off to the cottage so in essence there will be no delivery. I await the new. People will be forced to sell properties due to a lack of affordability, it is disgraceful.

  15. riped off in arnpriorFebruary 10, 2012 at 9:24 AM

    Hello, I have been paying on average 200.00 a month for small house and garage. I used to have electric heat(furnace)and was ok with paying 600.00 to 800.00 a month for heat.A tank of oil was 600 -700 each fill up so I thought this was in line with electrical vs oil.BUT for the last 4 months I have Had charges Varing from 700 to almost 1200 and I have eliminated the electric heat and put in a outdoor furnace.My wife and I do not plug our vehicles in and the out door furnace heats our hot water tank.After numerous calls and meter readings and being told that they were going to make an adjustment and credit my account I have recived nothing.Then on Monday they came and removed my meter and installed a new one while I was at work, They did not notify me that this was being done and now I have no way of giving them a meter reading.On top of it all when I phoned them and straightened the problem out (I thought) they told me that I did not have to pay anything and they owed me, Just about 10 minutes ago I recived a bill for 741.xx and a notice of past due payment. I sure hope somthing is done to correct these modern day gansters from stong arming us into paying for a service thats not just or accrate. Just imagine how many people are paying due to no choice? Myself I have the means to run my whole house on diesel generator and I estimate that it would only cost 160 to 200 a month, Im going to let them get back to me one more time and if everything is not correct im probably going to have my lawyer (who works for 25% if he wins and nothing if he loses)contact these people who have caused a lot of mental and physical stress on myself and family and see if they would be interested in paying my retirement charge and my delivery charge for going back and forth to court.Im sure my estimate will be much higher than what they expect but that seems to be the way its going :-)

  16. Hello...regarding the "security deposit" i paid one back in 2010... over 6 months and dec 2010, i called to say i can pay half and 2 weeks pay rest...they insisted in using the security deposit...then end of Feb 2011, letter saying must pay 310.00 security Sept. 2011 another letter stating pay 325.00 security deposit...because i wasn't on time...never stiffed OntHydro...but late, always paid...since feb 2011 they have applied not one but two security of 635.00...i get the bill notice, right away i pay online...keep getting letters stating we're in arrears and must pay or else...i spoke with OEB and O.H. customer service/consultant and still they say that i'm in arrears...all to the fact that they force me into arrears...i have the paper trail to show i paid before due dates and our bills not total 150.00 (usage) what can i do to have this waived? I understand i'm not the only one out

  17. Class action suit!! Absolutely! My cottage bill for two separate quarterly periods was $1,049. The delivery fee was $550 with the actually electricity charge being just a small portion of the electrical bill. This is disgusting. I had Hydro One disconnect and close my account and said I have a gas powered generator and will go solar this summer. Hydro one actually thinks they are benefiting. Hahaha! What an absolute putz!! Ontario consumers are a cash cow for Hydro One because of Ontarios criminal Government legislation allowing delivery fees! As long as we pay delivery fees we should cancel our accounts and show solidarity on mass! Go solar! No wonder Hydro One were sued for $18,000,000 and lost! There credibility is zero! The entire upper management involved in this conspiracy should be fired and replaced with responsible and intelligent individuals. This aggressive business style of Hydro One will lead to its demise! Viva la solar power!!! Hahaha!!!

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. Class action suit! Absolutely! Hydro One should be used to getting their pants sued off after the last $18,000,000 court loss! Overcharging!! When does this stop! When they replace the CEO's! CEO's working on performance bonus's will always seek to overcharge the public. I paid $1,049 for two separate quarterly billings for my cottage! With a $550 delivery fee each billing! This is absolutely preposterous!! Next step is to rekindle the Northwestern Ontario separation fires! Manitoba's electrical rates are half of Ontarios! Showed my solidarity and had my Hydro One account cancelled and had them disconnect and close it! Going gas powered generator and solar! Viva la solar power! To hell with Hydro One!!! Thank god my home electrical provider Thunder Bay Hydro is run by responsible and sensitive people and avoid Hydro One like poison!! Hear that Atikokan!!

  20. Same brick wall here. My*usage* is nearly double since the smart meter - yet nothing has changed in the home. I get the same flippant responses - go read the meter! It IS accurate! Yada-yada. Promised to come test the meter, never did. Just today, promised again. Where do we turn to, other than the odd blog? Provincial ombudsman? I'm at a loss. I'll try hiring an electrician, followed by testing by Measurements Canada. Other than that I don't know. Like a stone wall when you call Hydro One.

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  31. Alone my delivery charge is over 160 a month & I am fed up with Hydro one ripping mer off.. I dont understand how a delivery charge went from 21 and change a month to over 160 a month..

  32. We have owned same property for 43 years seasonal cottage bills typically 240 per month...first bill after smart meter 1400.00! They said it was a catch up bill... Last bill 551.00. We were there 2 days during the billing cycle ...neighbors who are there 60% of time had bill half as high... Called and was told we must have something running constantly.... Not sure how to navigate this situation,.,

    1. Nicole, my family is in a similar boat. We use our cottage in July & August, running only a water pump, a small water heater, fridge, stove, & microwave. Our lights are rarely on during the day, & we do much of our cooking on a gas BBQ. We open it Mid-May and close mid-October. For all but the past 2 years, we've turned off the main breaker between closing & opening. The past 2 winters, I've kept 2 breakers on to power 2 sonic mouse deterrents, which typically consume less than 1 cent per day of power. No heaters or other appliances are on those breakers. We've been on an estimated billing plan for years; once annually, Hydro 1 would send someone to read the meter & adjust our bill. With the analog meter, we sometimes had used less than the estimate, sometimes a bit more. Our 1st smart meter, installed about 4 years ago, apparently didn't send any data to Hydro, & after years of not sending a tech to get a physical reading, they finally did so last September on the day they removed it without notifying me. In March, they slapped us with a $3200 bill, claiming we'd gone about 14,000 kw/h over the estimate! When I told them that wasn't possible, they told me the meter's never wrong & that I must've left on the baseboard heating all winter. They've stuck to that position, so I've done some digging & found out that one brand of smart meters used by Hydro One has been proven to speed up when it overheats. This same brand has been implicated in a spike in house fires! Also, smart meter software contains "multipliers" that, if improperly programmed, can multiply your actual consumption by a factor of 2 or more. The manufacturer & a California utility have been successfully sued in a class action suit that was settled out of court. I'm in the process of gathering evidence to challenge Hydro 1. If the owner of this site is still working on a class action suit, I'll consider joining it; otherwise, I'm contacting a class action firm. Also, I'm forwarding my complaint and all information to Andrea Horvath, the provincial NDP leader. According to the Sudbury Star, she visited a family in Sudbury to assist them with their sky-high cottage electric bil, & she has spoken out on this issue in the legislature. Given the Liberal government's current controversy over the costly cancellation of gas plants, the time is ripe for bringing our issue to the media & the legislature in a BIG WAY!

    2. I am interested in joining a class action as well. I live in cottage country but full time. Hydro One hasn't read my meter in 3.5 years despite me asking them to. Now I just get a bill for $700.00. I had been paying up to the time they stopped reading it $100,00 a month. I just read my meter and it has totally changed from last month - almost like it was reset even though no one came out or contacted me. I got a letter today from the CEO of Hydro apologizing for the customer service around this. That made me think there must be a law suit they are tying to avoid since they are never apologetic.

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    I had to stay at my moms and sisters house as my
    house was so a day my basement was full of new water tank..and personal things weree under water..i called someone from my disability off who helped me out for six hundred dollars so with mu payment i got eight hundred paid on it...i had to also take some money from my two childr,,,but still owe three hundred ..but

    1. Add your name to the lawsuit

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  136. Hydro One continues to disappoint its customers and get away with not being held accountable...most likely because they are owned by the Ontario government who won't step in to fix these problems. 

    This past Friday my 15 year old son was home alone when someone from Hydro One showed up to cut our power...the temperature outside was -30 including windchill. 

    According to Hydro One, it was because they hadn't recieved a payment in 2 months. They also said they tried to get ahold of us to warn us of the power shutoff. The last bill I recieved stated that it wasn't due for another 11 days. 

    In this day and age where everyone is easily accessible in a number of ways (telephone, email, Facebook, Twitter and numerous websites, etc.) I find it hard to believe they tried to get ahold of us in any of these ways. They certainly know where we live...why didn't someone come out to our house to either speak to us or drop off a letter of their intention to cut services? Why didn't we get anything sent via Canada Post? Why didn't we get a phone call? Why didn't we get an email? 

    Hydro One must know that they have a monopoly when it comes to hydro services and therefor don't feel they have to provide fair customer service. 

    Poor judgement was used on their part in this case when it came to shutting off hydro at one of their customer's house's. 

    The very minute that I found out that power had been cut (actually, they installed a power limiter to our house but of course a 15 year old wouldn't know what this is) I paid the bill in full via telephone banking...since I was working in another city. 

    Then they have the audacity to let me know that the payment won't be recieved for 3-5 business days. 

    So they cut power to my house...on a Friday afternoon...of a long weekend...knowing full well we couldn't do anything about it until the following Tuesday. I see this as irresponsible business practices and when you add in the child being at home, child endangerment comes to mind. 

    This company has to be held accountable. 

  137. Hello, There is a facebook page: Hydro One - Enough is Enough ...Join the group...horror stories like these....WE ARE ALL FIGHTING MAD! Thx

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  139. There is a class action against Hydro one.
    Here is the email of the law firm. Please contact them and add your name

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