Tuesday, November 1, 2011

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The Microfit program in Ontario is pretty well on track-
In terms of feasibility, those people that have optimal sun exposure can definitely MAKE money at todays low interest rates. We pay an average of 19 cents per kwh. If the government wants to PAY us a guaranteed rate of 80 cents for 20 years, the initial investment could very well pay for itself well within that time frame... the rest is gravy.

Why should the power consumers provide that gravy?

If more people used solar panels that provided energy back to the grid, the huge benefit to society, and the world, would be a MUCH lower carbon footprint and LESS need for new fossil fuel generating stations or even nuclear power plants. And that is a VERY GOOD thing.

First, solar microFIT is NOT providing net energy to the grid. Over the course of the year, a home uses more power than the panels can provide. So what we are in essence doing is paying people a huge amount of money to get off the grid. Second, in Ontario we are producing MORE CO2 because of solar and wind. This is because coal fired plants will NEVER be replaced by wind and solar, and wind and solar require natural gas fired generation as backup when there is no wind and no sun. So Ontario is relying MORE on fossil fuels because of wind and solar. Besides, more CO2 is not causing any harm to the enviroment, in spite of the scare mongering by the AGW faithful.

I only wish that all countries had generous microfit programs and that they continued them from year to year and not just according to the whims of different political parties.

And put people into fuel poverty? Explain how that is benificial.

Of course, the MAIN thing to encourage is geo-exchange heating and cooling. At a 400% efficiency rating and eliminating the need for fossil fuels to heat our buildings (plus is cools at double the efficiency of regular air conditioners)this in itself would give the economy and the environment the biggest bang for the buck.These systems run on a small amount of electricity, and this electricity requirement can easily be covered by the power generated by about a 10kw solar setup with lots left over (for the average household) to meet the rest of electrical demand. Sorry Richard, you're not right on this one.

I did exactly that. I spend $30,000 putting in a geoexchange system when NG price was 14c and looked to go higher. Now I spend MORE per month to cool and heat my home because of power increases than if I stayed on NG which is now 4c. Yes, geoexchange is superior, but only if power rates make it so. With power going up in price geoexchange is becoming too expensive to opperate.


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  2. The FIT and microfit programs are an economic disaster for Ontario. Paying $.80/kwh for solar generation translates into roughly $1.78 per kwh when delivered to the consumer. The generation rate of $.8 must be marked up by the delivery charge, debt repayment charge, along with other "charges" and finally HST to arrive at the true cost to the consumer. The same markups apply to FIT and wind power. If a foreign power wanted to destroy Ontario's economy they couldn't do better than the FIT and microFIT. Energy is fundamental to jobs and manufacturing. These programs destroy this. Europe has figured out how destructive and costly such "green" energy has been and is curtailing wind and solar in Germany, France, the UK and elsewhere. Canadian hosers have yet to figure out just how damaging the cost of these programs are to economic prosperity. McGoofy was a drooling cretin.

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