Friday, July 8, 2011

Upcoming Election

Who you vote for is up to you, of course. I noted a while back I was using a back door to get some changes to the power system. Now we are close to the election I will tell you what that was. I have been on the Energy Policy Advisory Committee for the Ontario Progressive Conservatives. This group developed the current policy that Tim Hudak is presenting to the public. I cannot take credit for this policy, as those in the group shared my views, so it was a collective effort. The group was well represented, and had great research and reporting done for the Party to consider.

As for my plan for a new power conglomeration, it was submitted to the group and it was considered. How much of it will survive to become policy is now in the hands of the Party and the electorate. I will not stop my advocacy for this new system. Though some on the committee did not agree with my proposal, some did. Alternatives proposed are not that far off from what I have proposed. The big one being less government interference in the system. More autonomy in the organizations, and a restructuring of the organizations. I will continue to push for my proposal, even after the election.

Now that I have exposed my political bent, I do have a comment about the NDP's position to unite the "alphabet soup" of power organizations into HydroOne, essentially recreating Ontario Hydro.

Big mistake. Why on earth would you want to reward H1? If anything, H1 needs to be punished for its predatory behavior towards customers, and have its billing transferred to the IESO. H1 should look after the transmission system and that's it.

According to the polls, and the last Federal Election, looks like the Liberals are in serious trouble. Bye Bye Dalton!

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