Thursday, June 2, 2011

McGuinty: "What we are asking Ontarians to do is not an easy thing."

The term "asking" involves if not a choice, then to at least be asked for an opinion. I don't recall him going to the media and saying, "Hey, the economy is really bad so my plan is to double your hydro bills and give some of that money to a foreign company even though many companies in Ontario are out of work. What do you think? Is that OK?"

If the contracts that he signed are as ironclad as he says, then he was not asking anything. He should say "What we are telling Ontarians is not an easy thing to do."

Unless, of course, what he meant was asking us to vote for them. In that case, I totally agree. And, on Oct. 6, I will get my one chance to tell them something.


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