Friday, February 25, 2011


That is correct. City/municipal utilities donated to the Ontario Liberals.

The Ontario Energy Board ruled that such can be done as long as the donations come from shareholder dividends. ("shareholders" of utilities are the municipalities and cities. They get a yearly dividend payment from the utilities. The City of Toronto got some $166 million in dividends in 2004/2005 see this.)


What's the difference? All revenue to utilities comes from YOUR BILLS!!!

This is absolute madness.


  1. I love that if you get a high bill and you call Ontario Hydro,, they tell you that you have to have an electrician check your meter! Since when are we responsible for their equipment???

  2. I am sick and tired of the smart meters that are anything but smart. Only a fool would believe that time of use pricing would eleviate power consumption. It's time to go back to consumption billing, set a threshhold and then charge more for anything above that. This way the true power hogs, you know the ones with 5 bedroom homes,3 flat screens, 2 or three computers, central air, swimming pool etc etc will pay for all the power they are sucking. Why should the senior in a one bedroom apartment pay 9.9 cents a kilowatt at peak time to run her oven, fridge and basic necessaties while "fat cat" down the block is using 10 times the power. Make the true power hogs pay the big bucks themselves and leave the lesser users alone. That is the only way to combat excessive hydro use. Isn't the goal to cut down on our power usage? It doesn't take a genius to figure out how to do this fairly. I am so frustrated by the uselessness and theivery by our government and insulted that they actually believe we can't see through their bullshit.

  3. Mr. Jack Ass Dalton McFibbery and his obsequious ass kissing puppets have declared Economic War on and against all of the people of Ontario.

    This corrupt gluttonous government and their policies, reminds me a whole lot of the German Nazi Party of 1930's...

    Harsh extremely exacting to the point language and MORE, is exactly what is required in these very harsh economic times thrust upon us all by the McGuinty Dictatorial 'Nazi style' Regime, whom are nothing more than CORRUPT FINANCIAL GLUTTONS feeding from the troughs of all the people of Ontario...

    If we do not all stand together as one to oust these corrupt criminals, then we will all become extinct one by one, while these bandits only become wealthier and fatter at our expense and lives...

    You, I and all the people of Ontario really do have the power to make the changes required, that the hard working people of this once GREAT province used to have and do deserve...

    If the cost of living is unaffordable now, just think what it will be like when you and I are retired, unlike these disgusting and abhorrent accountable to no one, financial gluttons of the Ontario Nazi Fibberal's Regime...

    Unfortunately, we are not all collecting the hefty wages like Ontario Hydro workers and or Ontario politicians...

    (notice that I didn't use the word "earning")

  4. Dalton McFibber and his merry gang of thieves' is going to cause many people on low wages or seniors on fixed incomes to have a choice pay Hydro or starve .

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