Monday, January 24, 2011

From the Lunatic Fringe Department

"We estimate that ~3,800,000 5 MW wind turbines, ~49,000 300 MW concentrated solar plants, ~40,000 300 MW solar PV power plants, ~1.7 billion 3 kWrooftop PV systems, ~5350 100 MWgeothermal power plants, ~270 new 1300 MWhydroelectric power plants, ~720,000 0.75 MWwave devices, and ~490,000 1 MWtidal turbines can power a 2030 WWS world that uses electricity and electrolytic hydrogen for all purposes."

3.8 million wind turbines world wide in 20 years... That's 190,000 EVERY YEAR that would need to be built starting right now. Of course, that is impossible, production would have to ramp up. So what would that look like?

Production increase would have to be just over 113% yearly growth in building. That means in the last year of 2029 we would have to build almost 2 million -- in the last year alone.

As I said, from the Lunatic Fringe Department. So much for being experts.

Oh, and the laugh of all laughs:

"The energy cost in a WWS world should be similar to that today."

What drugs are these guys taking?

Oh, and the reason we need to do this? You guessed it, Global Warming!! Right...

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