Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I'm still getting emails from people about having bills they cannot afford and are at the end of their rope. Rest assured I have been passing these along to some individuals which I will tell you about later as things progress. With the Ottawa Citizen posting 2 articles now highly critical of this government's policies expect the movement to spread. But there is more we can do individually to help that along.

In a previous blog, back at the beginning, I noted how increasing energy costs squeezes people so they have less available discretionary income. That bite is clearly happening. So this is my suggestion.

Every store you go into, where you usually shop, call the manager over and tell them you have to reduce your spending at this store because your hydro bills are so high. Shops and stores need to be aware that government policies are costing them customers. And unless you state so specifically to them, they won't be able to know specifically why their sales are flat or falling.

Soon as the HST hit I called Rogers and told them to cancel the movie channels because adding the HST put their service out of our budget.

Tax people too much, which is what power costs are, just another form of taxes, businesses will see less people spending.

So help the cause and talk to your store managers.

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  1. Good idea Richard and keep them coming. I have still not resolved my issues with hydro and it has almost been a year. I still can not believe I am paying $85.00 a month for a building that is using little if any hydro. Something has to been done. Can not wait until I get my hydro bill from using the air conditioner. Sherrie


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