Monday, July 12, 2010


Two cases have come forward about getting your consumption numbers from H1.

The first is someone with a retailer. When she got her consumption numbers directly from H1 they were lower than what has been on her bills from Just Energy. That definitely should not be. She is trying to find out why the discrepancy.

Thus for those of you who are signed up with a retailer, you better check what your consumption is according to H1 and compare to your bills you get from the retailer.

The best is to try and get out of the retailer, they really do not save you anything.

The second is my friend down the road. He got his numbers from H1 the other day, and when I started entering them I noticed some of the consumption on certain dates did not match what I entered off his bills. So I checked the rest. Not one did. It's almost like someone elses numbers.

What's up with that!?

Now he has to go back and complain...

As for the current lag, I've been busy with a couple other projects, in particular analyzing wind data for a power point presentation I'm doing with someone else. Almost done.

I do have my numbers, but have some analysis to do on it.

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  1. H1 probably gave the customers you are talking about the "metered consumption" numbers, not the actual numbers the customer pays for...

    The difference in the consumption numbers you are referring to might be the difference between the "metered consumption" - actual #s taken from meter, and the "adjusted consumption" - usage billed to customer after the total loss factor is taken into effect. The TLF accounts for the loss of some hydro in the form of heat along the lines on it's way to the property. This loss in hydro is calculated and billed to the customer. For example, if the TLF is calculated at 1.092 multiplied by the metered consumption, then the customer who used 1000kwhs that billing period would actually be charged for 1092kwhs. The idea is that appx 1092 kwhs had to be generated/purchased by the utility in order to deliver 1000kwhs of electricity.


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